Six Tiers Of Programming

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  • Weekend With The Boys

    UCB’s Weekend With The Boys is a mentoring program for elementary, middle and high school children designed to serve 20 male youths between the ages of 4 and 16. WWTB is committed to building and strengthening the character that will produce a healthy lifestyle among young boys. The program, which pairs each boy with a positive male mentor, strives to address negative behavioral issues, strengthen critical thinking skills, increase academic performance and healthy peer relationships, and encourage transformational change in our youth. Character Development Sessions will be hosted to discuss behavior modification, critical thinking, self-esteem, self-awareness and self-expression, and recreational and leisure activities will also be offered. 

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  • Club Kid Connect

    Club Kid Connect is a faith-based summer youth academy for ages 4-13. CKC provides children with a safe, supervised and nurturing environment that creates a positive experience during the summer months to help children successfully transition into the new school year. CKC promotes healthy self-esteem building through group and individual activities, while also offering children fun summertime activities, including swimming, movies, ice cream socials and more. Featured events include the Academic Hour of Power, an endeavor to help participants maintain academic skills gained from the previous school year; and CKC’s Nature Camp experience, a component taught by volunteers from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, to increase the student’s awareness and knowledge of life sciences.

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  • Transformation Project

    The Transformation Project is a faith-based, job readiness training program for individuals entering or re-entering the workforce. The project’s purpose is to teach and train individuals who are unemployed or underemployed the core values necessary to seek and maintain meaningful employment. Our staff and volunteers provide coaching for personal and professional development with a two-phase objective: the development of life skills and self-worth and employment-readiness training.

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  • The Dinner Table

    The Dinner Table project is a collaboration between UCB and United Community Cathedral with the purpose of bringing families back to the table to connect. We recognize that family meal time provides an avenue for parents to model socially desirable behaviors for their children while facilitating their development as productive members of society.

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  • Focus On Fatherhood

    Designed to help fathers improve their relationships with children, UCB’s Focus on Fatherhood program uses breakthrough curriculum developed by the Urban Father-Child Project, which trains men to become responsible fathers and father-figures who love and lead children to success. This researched and theory-based curriculum is created from the Paternal System Theory and useful for guiding program interventions with fathers.

    Objectives and Features:

    1. Provide a framework for understanding the role of the father.
    2. Address the systemic barriers to fathering.
    3. Provide training in specific skills to become the father a child needs.

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  • Actors Of Faith

    Actors of Faith is a community theater group that dedicates itself to introducing performing arts programs to individuals of diverse ages, races and cultural backgrounds. AOF strives to create and present original theater productions that engage and inspire social, cultural and community awareness in the arts. Committed to bridging the gap between faith groups, recovery communities, and classical theatre, AOF produces works that serve as a lifelong learning and civic experience.

    Objectives and Features:

    1. AOF will present one major production in the fall, while also offering several small workshops and productions throughout the year.
    2. The purpose of AOF is to recruit, inspire and cultivate amateur talent in the Boone County region.

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The mission of United Community Builders is to build and release capable people. This mission stems from that of the United Community Cathedral, who builds and releases people for the Kingdom’s Work — to meet the needs of the surrounding community. By building the confidence, the gifts and the talents of members to be used in their own community, UCB helps individuals access the power needed to transform their mindsets and behaviors and achieve their own life goals.

UCB accomplishes its mission through six tiers of programming: Focus on Fatherhood; Weekend With The Boys Mentoring Program; Club Kid Connect Youth Academy; Transformation Project; United Community School House; and the Dinner Table.


United Community Builders is a 501(c)3 faith-based organization that primarily serves the Boone County and Central Missouri region. Founded 12 years ago, UCB’s mission is to build and release capable people through community-wide programs that focus on education, mentor-ships, job-readiness training and the performing arts.

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